NP Competitive Advantage

August 10, 2018
Color Bar - 1060

Our Properties Are 99% Preleased for the 2018-19 School Year!

Aliso Viejo, CA—Management is a crucial determinant in the future performance of a student housing property or investment. The occupancy, rental rates, and collection rates are key derivatives of the management’s competency. Management competency requires more than just knowledge specific to the property and asset management within the local microeconomy surrounding each university: it needs to understand the reputation and current trends within that microeconomy. There is an art to the science. The NP advantage is further created by having the brightest and best in the industry hyper-focused on only our 4,474 beds throughout the country. This gives them the ability to customize marketing, pricing, and reputation management for each culture or environment. After all, students in Mississippi may have very different expectations of off-campus living than students in Montana or Texas. Compare this to being a few thousand rentable beds amongst tens of thousands of other beds managed through a third-party manager that has the same obligation to other property owners (and those tens of thousands of beds) as they do to you. Being as microfocused as we are, no one can care about our residences and properties the way we do.