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Reach your peak by getting the help you need. College students are stressed and anxious about a lot more than college classes in today's world.

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Reach your peak by getting the help you need. College students are stressed and anxious about a lot more than college classes in today's world.

Cost: $20 a week | Dates: Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27 | Locations: Listed Below

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Learn to manage the feelings associated with being overwhelmed at school, work, home, in personal relationships or in all these areas at once.


Late for classes? Turn assignments in late? Late for work? Always trying to catch up? Learn why procrastination exists for you and how to overcome it.


We all experience it now come learn why it is good, how it is harmful, and how to manage it?


Attending School or not we will explore potential career paths and the best way to set and meet goals for all decisions in life.


See how much your life can change when you begin to discovery who you really are and find your potential and purpose.


We tend to spend a lot of time complaining, blaming others, and remaining stuck in our suffering. Learn the keys to growth through accountability and assertiveness


The world provides a range of emotions some less enjoyable than others. Learn to manage stress, anxiety, depression and more.

SUCCESS. Learn how to succeed by studying failure. There are 3 ways in which people fail. Learn what they are and discover how to avoid failing ever again.


Technology has changed the world dramatically but not in the need for effective communication. Learn to ask questions, work through problems, and get what you want with effective communication skills.


College aged individuals are faced with choices with life long consequences such as career, marriage, college major. Learn to make the right choice for you without the anguish.

About Us


Brilliant Futures Foundation

Brilliant Futures Foundation (BFF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides reduced- cost professional services to students.


About Dr. Ken Newell

Dr. Ken Newell received his M.S. in Marriage and Therapy at The University of Kentucky.  It was during this time that he pioneered treatment for individuals in distress from trauma, anxiety, and addiction utilizing the entire family in the treatment process.  This work lead to his being the recipient of the Kentucky Colonel Award, the highest honor a citizen can receive for service in the community.   After earning his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy Dr. Ken continued his focus on abuse, anxiety and addictions.  His doctoral dissertation was published in both The American Journal of Family Therapy and The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.  In 1999, Dr. Ken started his career by helping pioneer treatment models specific to helping at-risk youth get their life back on track following their struggles in life by focusing on getting into College.  This was a model he and others followed successfully for 15 years.  In 2015, Dr. Ken realized that helping At-Risk youth get into College was a great start but to truly empower them the support needed to continue while they were in College so Dr. Ken joined forces with Nelson Partners, a leader in the student housing industry for many years.  Together they develop and implemented a new treatment model that addresses the many challenges associated with the challenging world of college life by bringing the support and mentoring to students in their Student Housing complexes.