Pizza is a staple in any college student’s diet. From ordering delivery to share with your roommates to going out to lunch with your classmates; from indulging in a greasy slice after a late night partying downtown to a casual beer and pizza night with your friends at the local brewpub — pizza is central to a good time! Students at the University of Texas at Austin are in luck, because Austin has some of the best pizza there is! You can find pizza exactly how you like it, whether that means thin or thick crust, light or heavy sauce, or plain or decked out with toppings. Here are the best places to get pizza in Austin:


Home Slice Pizza

1415 South Congress Avenue, Austin TX 78704


You can get a taste of true NY style pizza right here in Austin at Home Slice Pizza. New York style pizza is traditionally served in wide slices made with a thin crust that’s crispy around the edges and easy to fold in half. They got it just right at Home Slice, where they serve pizza by the slice and by the pie. They also serve a specialty Sicilian pizza, square cut and served by the slice or pie every Monday and Thursday until they run out. Whether you like your pizza triangular and crispy or square and thick, Home Slice is ready to serve you something delicious!


Get to know one of the owners, hailing from New York herself, in the video below:

Roppolo’s Pizzeria

316 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701 and
414 East 6th Street, Austin TX 78701


Roppolo’s is another pizzeria originating in New York. The owner comes from a Sicilian background and carries on his family’s tradition of serving others in part by plating up fantastic Sicilian food. They also use some of their proceeds to support local charities like the Central Texas Food Bank and Austin Recovery Center. Roppolo’s makes it easy to get your hands on their pizza with their online ordering formfor takeout. Their menu includes pizza by the slice and by the pie, calzones, pasta, rolls, and salads, plus a small selection of beer and wine. You can visit one of their two locations on 6th Street, or catch their Pizza on Wheels food truck around town. You can find their store and food truck hours on their website.


Pinthouse Pizza

4236 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704 and
4729 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78756


Name a better pairing than pizza and beer! You can get both at brewpub Pinthouse Pizza. They source their hops and produce from local and organic suppliers when possible. They also take part in multiple brewers organizations, such as the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, so you know they’re dedicated to delivering the best possible brews to their customers. Their house brewed Fully Adrift Double IPA has won numerous awards and is a customer favorite. They are equally dedicated to making delicious, artisan pizzas. Their food menu includes gluten-free crust and a monthly special called Off the Map Pie. The Off the Map Pie rotates every month, with new combinations of unique ingredients that will surprise you!


Hoeks Death Metal Pizza

511 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701


Hoeks Death Metal Pizza is a late-night pizza place with a rocking atmosphere. They pump up their restaurant with the sounds of death metal and hardcore music. You may see some headbanging going on in their open kitchen as the cooks prepare hand-tossed pizza. They serve their pizza by the slice and by the pie. Their gigantic 30” pie is great for sharing with friends. They’re located in downtown Austin on 6th Street and stay open until 3:00 a.m. Wednesday – Sunday, making them a great spot to stop between bar hopping or to satisfy the late-night munchies. Keep up with Hoeks’ upcoming events and concert announcements on Facebook.


Metal band Headcrusher performs at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza. Photo by MarkScottAustinTX via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0


Austin’s Pizza – Campus

2324 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78705

Austin’s Pizza has locations all over the city, but their campus location on Guadalupe Street makes them a favorite of University of Texas at Austin students. They’re a great choice for pizza delivery or takeout. You can call (512) 795-8888 or use their online form to order out. They keep their pizza simple, focusing on making the best delivery pizza ever using the best ingredients. Their menu includes traditional pizzas, gluten-free crusts, and vegetarian and vegan options. You can sign up for their emails to receive weekly coupons.

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