Student Housing Investments and Offerings

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About Nelson Partners Investing

Nelson Partners is a premier investor in the off-campus student housing apartment sector. During this period, Nelson Partners has acquired, developed, upgraded and managed over $600 million (and growing fast) in student housing communities in over 10 states. across the United States.

Why Do People Invest in Student Housing?

More and more people today are people are investing or considering to invest in student housing apartment properties for a variety of reasons, including:


  • The close proximity to the university campus
  • Shortage and/or outdated dormitories
  • Student shows signs of recession-resistant characteristics
  • Student are staying in school longer

Types of Student Housing Investment Properties & Offerings?

There are various types of student housing investment properties that people can choose to invest in that could offer various benefits. These types of student housing investment properties include:


  • Class-A Student Housing Apartment Properties

    The Class A student housing strategy buys brand new, purpose-built student housing properties near university / college campuses with the goal of stable cash-flow and the potential for capital gain upon the sale of the property in 5-7 years.


  • Value-Add Student Housing Apartment Properties

    The value-add strategy buys well located older student housing properties that we will refurbish to modern standards and add amenities to command higher rents and stabilized occupancy. The goal is to drive the future value of the property to provide the potential for solid capital gains after the property is sold in 3-7 years. The expected cash-flow in this strategy is generally more modest and less stable than that in the Class A strategy due to the interruptions caused by the refurbishment process.


  • New Construction Student Housing Apartment Properties

    The new construction development strategy utilizes selected, well located land parcels with proximity to campuses to construct purpose-built student housing that upon completion will have all of the characteristics of what our Class A Strategy seeks: high desirability and stable occupancy.

Notable Student Housing Facts?

  • 80% of College Students Live Off-Campus
    J Turner Research On Student Housing 2013


  • College  enrollment  growth  in  the  United  States is  projected to  grow  to  24  million  by  2022


  • College  attendance  has  increased in  every  recession  since  1960
    Stanford economist Caroline Hoxby - 2017


  • 4,600 College Institutions Service Over 20 Million Students
    National Center Of Educational Statistics - 2016 
  • Undergraduate Enrollment is Expected to Increase by 14% Between 2015 - 2026
    National Center Of Educational Statistics Study - 2017


Student Housing Investments and offerings

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